We have to pay good money to deal with your scrap.

We’ll pay good money to deal with your scrap.

Never Mind the Bollocks, Heres the Irishman.

There’s No Blarney Spoken Here.

Meet Brian Donaghy, President and owner at Red Ball Recycling. Hailing from County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, Brian’s the archetypal charming Irishman: savvy, honest and direct, quick with a smile, and always happy to share a good joke (especially if it would make “one of the sisters at St. Joe's blush," as he puts it). In 2013, after many years of leadership and management in the scrap-recycling industry, most recently as President of Industrial Services of America, Brian decided to go balls out and start his own business… and Red Ball was born. If you’re looking for someone who knows his scrap and doesn’t mind spinning a colorful yarn, you’ve just arrived at the right place.

Dedicated to the business of giving trash a better image.

Where people who love scrap come.

We’ve got decades of experience in the metals-recycling business, so we’ve been able to establish relationships with the region’s largest scrap metal brokers / traders, recyclers, and exporters and some of the region’s largest end-users of recycled-metal products. Bottom line: this helps us get you the best price for your scrap metal.

  • On-Site Audits of Your Scrap Metal Recycling Needs
  • Roll-Off Containers from 10-through-50-Yard Capacity
  • Flat, Van, or Dump Trailers Available
  • Mobile Shearing and Bailing
  • Industrial Machinery Removal and Plant-Dismantling Services Available
  • Complete and Accurate Reporting of Pricing and Weights

Individuals / Retail Customers
At Red Ball you’ll be greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable member of the Red Ball team who’ll help you unload your material and direct you to the payment area.

What We Buy

  • Aluminum Cans / Aluminum Scrap / Steel Scrap
  • Copper Wire and Pipe
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Old Appliances and Electric Motors
  • Junk Autos and Auto Parts: Starters, Alternators, Compressors, and Batteries (bought at a premium)
  • Computer Scrap

Show us your junk.

Talk Dirty to Us.

Anyone can take your scrap metal and pay you for it. But at Red Ball we like to look at businesses a slightly different way. We’d like to think that people actually enjoy their experiences with us. See, at Red Ball, you’re not just a truck full of old metal with a human being attached to it … you’re a future friend and client, you’re someone who’ll recommend us to others. So the next time you’ve got something that you need recycled or something you just want to get rid of for a fair price, we hope you’ll join in a little trash-talking with us.

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1045 Sames Road • Clarksville, IN
Telephone: 812-949-2004
Mon-Fri 7:30-5:00 • Sat 7:30-12:00

We Never Underestimate The Value of a Great Set Of Cans.

We’re Straight-Talkers. We Swear.

Back home in Ireland they say “Where there’s muck there’s brass.” Translated, that basically means everything’s worth a little something, and the more you’ve got, the more we’ll pay you for it. Whether it’s ferrous or non-ferrous, from your home or office, dismantled from an industrial site, brought in by shopping cart or on a roll-off container, we’ll pay you a fair price for it.

Today's Value Of Your Metal:


You Strip. We Pay.

We Help Industries Work Harder.

Red Ball’s a friendly place and we always believe in service with a smile — or better yet, a good laugh. But that does’t mean we don’t understand how to do serious business.

From on-site audits and full accountability reporting, to helping you with innovative logistics and transportation solutions; from equipment rental programs for dealers and industry and on-site baling, shearing, and torching, we can handle projects of any size.

Our facilities are well maintained and clean, and we have cutting-edge analyzers for an exact interpretation of your alloys, along with certified public scales. No shite.

We Want to Get Our Hands on Your Nuts.

Let Us Help You Empty Your Drawers of Valuables.

If you’ve got this far into the site, you’re clearly someone who knows how to talk dirty. But if you’re a newcomer to recycling, you might not know that all recycling facilities aren’t created equal. See, there are scrapyards and then there are scrapyards. So if you don’t want a place surrounded in razor wire guarded by a mangy pair of pit bulls who haven’t seen a decent meal in a few days, you ought to drop by Red Ball. We have clean, air conditioned offices, a well-maintained yard, and all the coffee you can drink. Plus, when it comes time to talk business, you’ll be dealing with an honest fella who knows the difference between scrap and Shinola.