Our mission is metal

Our Mission is metal

What we buy

  • Aluminum Cans + Scrap

    Aluminum Cans + Scrap

  • Steel Scrap

    Steel Scrap

  • Copper Wire + Pipe

    Copper Wire + Pipe

  • Brass


  • Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel

  • Old Appliances

    Old Appliances

  • Electric Motors

    Electric Motors

  • Auto / Industrial Batteries

    Auto / Industrial Batteries

There’s strength in our numbers

There’s strength in our numbers

You never know what the markets are going to do, so we take the risk out of transactions as much as we can. And we do that by sticking to our vow to tell it like it is and to always stick to our word.

Cash for cars

We take that late or old model heap and give you top dollar for every bit of it. From whole vehicles to alternators, starters, compressors, and more. Not to mention batteries, which we buy at a premium.

  • Red Ball Recycling is an excellent choice when it comes to scrap metal recycling. Our experience with the facility, unloading time, and staff has been outstanding. I strongly recommend Red Ball!

    Scott Dietrich