Two small words: we can

Two small words: we can

What we can do

  • Commercial / Industrial

    Commercial / Industrial

    From on-site audits to logistics to transportation solutions. From full accountability reporting to equipment rental programs. Cutting-edge analyzers for an exact interpretation of alloys. Certified public scales. Baling and shearing and torching. Whether you’re a heavy industrial or a commercial client, we can handle projects of any size, all the while displaying transparency and fairness. Not to mention a smile.

  • Individual


    Not all recycling facilities are created equal. You’ll find no guard dogs or razor wire here — just clean, air-conditioned offices, a well-maintained yard, and an honest conversation over a cup of coffee. So if you’re new to scrapping or just have some old stuff to drop off, come by and talk to us.

What we can do for you

Anyone can take your scrap metal, pay you for it, and send you on your way. At Red Ball, we look at business differently. We’re a friendly place where you can expect service with a smile — or better yet, a good laugh.

  • We use Red Ball Recycling for all our scrap metal recycling needs. When we are on a project, we require top-notch service and quick response time. Red Ball has provided HCL with good pricing and good service. Red Ball has also provided us with mobile services such as torching, shearing and mobile bailing. We are treated as friends and partners versus just another number.

    Kevin Brumley